Data Protection Declaration

Version 2020


Middle European Mathematical Olympiad
A MEMO where contestants from all countries meet in one location in the host country
A MEMO which is held via the Internet, e.g. because of Covid-19 regulations
MEMO websites:
This website ( and the website for the MEMO of that year
Contestant, Leader, Deputy Leader, Coordinator, Problem Selection Committee member:
See role descriptions in General Regulations

General Description of Data Processing Purpose

Email address is used for being able to access the own account, reset the password, and in case of an Online-MEMO additionally for access to the Moodle platform (which is used for upload of submissions, for distributing information and files, and for forum communication with other participants).

The email address additionally can be used for communication about the MEMO by the organizers.

Assigned role (e.g. Contestant, Leader, Coordinator, ...) is used for determining permissions and for planning the competition.

For Contestants: First name, last name, country (= team membership, not necessarily nationality), points received for each problem, total points, rank and medal are shown in the result list. The result list will be published on the MEMO websites and during the Closing Ceremony.

For Contestants: Requested languages are stored for providing problems in the wanted languages, for determining which languages to translate to at all, and for determining which leader can modify which translations.

For (Deputy) Leaders: Country (= team membership, not necessarily nationality) is used for determining who is allowed to negotiate scores for which students, to carry the vote for that country in Jury meetings, to enter travel details for that country, and similar permissions to act on behalf of that country.

Name and profile picture can be used on the MEMO websites (e.g. on the "Teams" page), in slides for Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony, and, in case of an Onsite-MEMO, additionally for name tags, door plates, seat maps and other printed materials.

Name, profile picture and any photos, videos and other media that are created during the MEMO, as well as names and results, can be used on the MEMO websites, in news reports and communications by media, by schools of the participants, by other olympiad organizations, by supporting organizations and by sponsors.

In case of an Onsite-MEMO, name, gender and vegetarian (yes/no) are used for organizing the accommodation. T-shirt-size is used for providing MEMO-T-shirts.

Gender is stored for statistics.

Any data entered in the free text field "Comments" during registration is used for reacting to any special wishes the participant expressed there and depends on the content of the comment.

In case of an Onsite-MEMO, room assignment and seat assignment are stored for planning.

Problem submissions (including problem statement, author and topic) are stored so that the Problem Selection Committee can select a shortlist from them. The shortlist is shown to all (Deputy) Leaders, with strict instructions that all problems not selected for the MEMO must remain strictly confidential forever. In case that a problem is selected for the MEMO, the name of the author is used for attribution.

For Problem Selection Committee and (Deputy) Leaders: Beauty and difficulty scores, comments about the problems and uploaded solutions are used for problem selection. In the longlist, these are only visible to other Problem Selection Committee members. In the shortlist, they are visible to other (Deputy) Leaders, to the Problem Selection Committee and to Coordinators.

Student papers (in case of an Onsite-MEMO the papers written by the student as well as scans and/or copies of them, in case of an Online-MEMO the scanned and uploaded papers) are used to determine the scores achieved by a student.

If a discussion forum is provided, forum entries are stored and shown to other forum members.

Last login date and account creation date are stored for debugging and because some of the technologies we use do not support turning off the tracking of these values.

Processed Data Types

Legal Basis

A declaration of consent in accordance with Article 7 GDPR serves as the legal basis.

Designation of Recipients and Purpose of Transmission

The stored data is made available to participants in accordance with their roles as described above. Photos, videos and other media that are created during the MEMO as well as names and results are used for the purpose of public relations.

Duration of Data Processing

Student papers written during the competition are handed back to students at the end of the MEMO; any digital copies of them are deleted at the same time.

Vegetarian (yes/no), T-shirt-size, requested languages, room assignment and seat assignment are deleted until 31 December of the year of the MEMO.

All other data remains in the system unless requested otherwise. It is possible to request partial deletion (e.g. deletion of all discussion forum entries) or deletion of the entire account. If someone wishes for the entire account to be deleted, the name will be replaced with "N. N." in result lists and teams pages; scores, rank, medals and country are kept (in order to keep the result lists intact); and all other data is deleted. If deletion is requested before the end of the MEMO, participation is not possible.

Data Subject Rights

Your consent is voluntary. You have the right to revoke your given consent at any time with written notice to the entities named under the "Contact Information" section, stating the short description of the processing purpose, with future effect. The revocation does not affect the legality of the processing (including publishing) carried out based on the consent provided before revocation. (Art. 7 (2) GDPR) The revocation applies to all future publications, but not to those already made. Without revocation the consent is valid indefinitely.

You have the right to:

If you would like to implement any of these rights, please contact You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority, see

Note: The data is currently stored by the Department of Mathematics of the University of Klagenfurt (Address: Universitätsstraße 65–67, 9020 Klagenfurt a.W.) as data processor.

Contact Information

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